Private Qigong Mentorship

With Kelly McLeod Certified Holden QiGong Teacher

Finally, feel at home in your body and energized to do what you most love

Enhance your energy and inspire your overall health and well-being in your body, mind, and spirit.

Speaking as your new friend, I want to let you know that

Your life is too short and too precious to spend it feeling exhausted and stressed out.

And if you’re here today, there’s a part of you who knows deep down that you shouldn’t have to trade your happiness and well-being just to be able to keep up with your day-to-day. You realize that your current way of functioning isn’t working for you and that there’s a different way of doing things. You just haven’t known where to start.

Private Qigong mentorship is designed to give you the much needed space and individualized support to tune into your body, awaken your capacity to self-heal and discover the exact tools you need to feel vibrantly well in mind, body and spirit. In this program you’ll go from feeling exhausted and disconnected from yourself, to feeling in sync with your body and confident in the exact ways you need to care for yourself so you can show up as your best self.

Are you ready to awaken your self-healing potential and feel energized for the people and things you love most?
  • Deepen your understanding of Five Elements and 3 Treasures Qigong and how to apply its principles to support your self-healing journey.
  • Learn a variety of self-massage acupressure points for supporting overall wellbeing.
  • Discover targeted breathwork techniques for working with anxiety, stress, and overall regulation of your emotions and energy.
  • Receive a completely customized set of Qigong routines and practices specifically designed to empower your stage of learning.
  • Be supported in creating a personalized plan for specific physiological issues you're feeling challenged by.
  • Cultivate greater mindfulness and self-awareness through the art of guided meditation.
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Go Deeper Into your practice

Dive deeper into your self-healing journey with private 1-1 Qigong instruction tailored specifically to your needs.

  • 10 private 60 minute mentor meetings over 5 months
  • In-person or via zoom
  • One-on-one time with Kelly
  • Practice 5 Elements and 3 Treasures forms
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one-on-one mentorship with kelly mcleod

How it Works

Whether you are a beginner who wants more individualized support or an experienced practitioner who desires to deepen their practice, private mentorship is the perfect vehicle to help you take back your time and your health.

In this deep 1-1 immersion, you will receive focused attention as we customize a program based on your specific needs and level of experience.

We will identify certain areas that you want to work on and bring into greater balance through the art of Qigong and other integrative approaches designed to support mind, body, spirit, wellbeing. Ready to dive in?

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What students are saying

"I love that my sessions with Kelly are a peaceful joy! Bringing me the inner peace of meditation and tension relief while at the same time providing me with the life force and energy to flow through my body. I can visualize the centuries’ old Chinese movements making it real in our present lives. Kelly’s classes bring spirituality and healing together. What a beautiful experience. Thank you, Kelly!"

Nora P.

"Kelly is a beautiful and knowledgeable guide through the QiGong practice especially for those who are new to the practice. She has a calm, inviting, and warm approach that invites curiosity, exploration, and joy. I experience incredible amounts of strength, power, rejuvenation, and healing during her teaching sessions and am left feeling lighter, more present, and more deeply connected to myself and my body. It is a pleasure and an honor to be a part of her classes." 

Keisha H.

"Practicing morning Qigong with Kelly is an energizing way to start the day. Kelly guided us through our QiGong practice with ease and joy.
Craving an afternoon snack? Try QiGong with Kelly instead of M&M's.
Her teaching style and sense of humor will increase your energy and it's sugarfree.”

Zainab A.
Learn about your instructor

Meet Kelly

Hi, I’m Kelly McLeod, Certified Holden Qigong Teacher, and I’m delighted that you found your way here and couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the amazing art of Qigong and how it might positively impact your life.

Since I was young, I’ve always had an affinity for the healing arts. When I was just 12 years old, I wanted to be a brain surgeon, and my passion for healing only increased as I got older. Although my career was more oriented toward Western medicine as a molecular biologist and researcher in vaccine development, I was always fascinated by Eastern healing traditions, such as Yoga and meditation, and longed to find a way to integrate my passion for these two distinct fields together.

It was when I turned 19 that I really began a more in-depth study of healing traditions that ultimately led me to the discovery of Qigong and the practices that would fundamentally change my life and health for the better.
I love that Qigong is so accessible. As long as you go through the basic learning, you can start applying it to your life immediately. A “Certified Holden Qigong Teacher,” I am thrilled to share my love and knowledge of Qigong with my students.

My dream is to be a lifelong practitioner and teacher, spreading joy and sharing this art with people worldwide, and I couldn’t be more honored to share these teachings and embark on this journey with you.

At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.

Ready to dive in?

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